Being Enough

I am the heat that emanates between the sheets of lovers, 
the cool touch of winter’s first breath, 
the burning passion of desire and heartache. 

I am one-part coffee – black, bitter, and smooth; 
two-parts cream and sugar. 
A heavenly blend of early mornings and quietude. 
A bottomless cup of profound conversation and connection. 

I embody the strength of steel, 
the beauty of imperfection, 
the brawn of a lioness, 
a heart of gold. 

I am broken in my wholeness. 
I am the third eye seeking. 
I am the kindled spark of light in darkness.
His Love and Mercy run through me. 

In the flesh, 
my flaws mirror my humanness.  
In love, boundaries are blurred. 
Perhaps something caught between happiness and heartbreak. 

I am the change in seasons, 
the void of time and space, 
the here and the now. 

One of becoming, 
the voice of reason, 
moving from being to nothingness. 

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